DataXchain – The first platform in data trading.

Blockchain technology is very popular, almost in various businesses this technology can be applied. In data storage this technology is very reliable security, and for data trading this technology can also be applied. The DataXchain platform utilizes this technology to trade data fairly with P2P systems for individuals or groups. Here’s a video review of the DataXchain platform;

DataXchain aims to create a new data paradigm in which individuals, have rights to their own data and are compensated fairly if their data is used. It also aims to create a new deep data trading ecosystem where everyone can easily create Digital Assets to share or sell. With data penetrating almost every aspect of our lives and becoming an important resource, the possibility of DataXchain being able to carry is unlimited and so far can dramatically improve our lives.

DataXchain service features

Various feature services are offered to users by using DataXchain Data Matching & Data Enrichment Services to increase transactions between partners.

  1. User. Provides simplified upload procedures and potential value viewer services on the mobile website and APPLICATION.
  2. Intelligence. The use of advanced AI & Big Data technology enables automatic matching and catalog creation services using the DataXchain Engine. (Handling smart data)
  3. Agility. DataXchain enables simultaneous but massive processes through participation in various open source projects such as the Sharding Ethereum project. (Fast & fast service process)
  4. Security. (Enhanced security & real-time tracking) DataXchain enforces security with Smart Contracts that are supported by the Blockchain network and separate key value storage.
  5. Flexibility. Services that are smooth, stable, and flexible software architecture are provided for high-tech applications.
  6. Accuracy. Prevent filter bubbles through an automatic matching process based on a variety of hybrid algorithms.

DataXchain Business Model

This platform operates on DXCT commissions (DataXchain Token) that are charged to transactions made between Data Owners and Data Users. Today’s business involves purchase transactions with digital image and media asset assets.

  • 40% of transaction costs will be invested in operating DataXchain.
  • 30% will be donated mainly to the Tobelet Foundation to promote the DataXchain platform, with some going to charity.
  • 30% will be provided to Data Contributors for their responsibilities on the platform.

DXCT is a token that meets ERC20. This has been designed in accordance with the idea of ​​fair and equal trade in the values ​​of Digital Assets in the DataXchain Ecosystem.

DXCT sales revenue will be used to further develop the DataXchain Platform. The results of these activities will result in the formation of an agile and transparent system. Every buyer of DXCT Sales tokens will have a Token Sales Agreement and Terms and Conditions signed with ToBeLet through website registration.

DXCT is the main payment tool in DataXchain. The cryptocurrency exchange option is provided to secure more users on the market. Following are the details of DXCT tokens;

  1. Symbol = DXCT
  2. Total Supply = 1,000,000,000 DXCT
  3. Sale Tokens = 730,000,000 DXCT
  4. Emission Level = No new tokens will be created
  5. Price = Round 1 (Pre-Sales) 1DXCT = 0.0003 ETH. Round Market Prices 1-6 (Main Sales)
  6. Accepted Currencies = BTC, ETH, USD, EUR
  7. Hard Cap = 135,000 ETHdcs
  8. Minimum Purchase = 0.5 ETH
  9. Maximum purchase = 850 ETH

How do you contribute?

Users or investors can join the sale of DXCT tokens through the website to purchase tokens using digital assets determined by the DataXchain team. For detailed information about paltform DataXchain, you can visit the official DataXchain communication channel under this article.

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DataXchain’s official communication channel

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Author: TGBgraib | Bitcointalk